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Social Assistance Overview

The old age, disability and survivors’ laws, as well as work injury laws were introduced in Cabo Verde before independence in 1995. Thereafter, a law on sickness and maternity was introduced. In 1992, Cabo Verde started a social assistance programme named the Frentes de Alta Intensidade de Mão-de-Obra (FAIMO), aiming to provide job security for rural workers and cash transfers to older persons, also in rural areas. In 2006, Cabo Verde introduced a nationwide Social Pension programme to provide income security for elderly citizens, persons with disabilities and poor children with disabilities through a cash transfer of at least US$107.28 per month as at 2015. Cabo Verde has a single agency, created through a Decree-Law, responsible for managing programmes and coordinating government efforts. In 2010, social assistance expenditure was 1.18 percent of GDP.

Ratified Regional and International Social Assistance related Instruments