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Social Assistance Overview

Social security laws were passed in 1945 and applied before independence in 1982. After independence, a Decree (64/364 of December 31, 1962) was issued to establish the National Social Security Fund in Algeria. To date, there are three social assistance programmes, with the main one being the Allocation Forfaitaire de Solidarité (Solidarity Allowance), which aims to promote the social integration of the poor population and strengthen social cohesion by ensuring delivery of fundamental social rights. The programme transfers a minimum of US$94.74 and maximum of US$106.11 cash to 831,452participants per month as at 2016. The second programme targets those of working age (youth and adults) through intensive public works, while the third targets the same life-cycle group with the intension of improving their social inclusion into the economy. The latter programme reached a total of371,495participants in 2016. The social assistance programmes have mechanisms that allow access to a social worker. A national coordination responsible agency for managing programmes and coordinating government efforts is in place.

Ratified Regional and International Social Assistance related Instruments